Early Development of Football

Early Development of Football

Contemporary Debates

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Introduction, 1. Football Outside the Schools in the United States Before Codification, 2. The Beginnings of Football in Germany in the Light of Contemporary Sources, 3. Researching the Origins and Early History of the Football Codes: A View from Down-Under, 4. The Beginnings of Soccer in Melbourne: The Eternal Recurrence of the Game, 5. The Emergence of Club Football in 'The Potteries': Bottle Kilns for Goalposts, 6. A Review of Early Football in Lincolnshire: County Town, Market Towns and Grammar Schools, 7. English Handball Sports in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, 8. Football Grows Far and Wide in the North East: Development to 1890 and the Creation of the Northern League, 9. Early Football in and around Shrewsbury: Soccer in the Sticks, 10. Football in Winchester, in Town and College, before 1884: 'Very Fast and Interesting to Look on at'
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