Dynamics of Biological Systems

Dynamics of Biological Systems

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Chapter1. Dynamical Systems in Biology - A Short Introduction.- Chapter2. Modelling of Molecular Networks.- Chapter3. Large-Scale Epidemic Models and a Graph-Theoretic Method for Constructing Lyapunov Functions.- Chapter4. Mixing in Meta-Population Models.- Chapter5. Structured Population Models for Vector-Borne Infection Dynamics.- Chapter6. Stochastic Population Kinetics and Its Underlying Mathematicothermodynamics.- Chapter7. The Turing Model for Biological Pattern Formation.- Chapter8. Persistence, Competition and Evolution.- Chapter9. Kinetic equations and cell motion: An Introduction.
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Mathematical Biology;Mathematical Modelling;Dynamical systems;Applications of PDEs to Biology;Biochemical Networks;Epidemic Models;(Stochastic) Population Models;Pattern Formation;Reaction-Diffusion Equations;Kinetic-Transport Equations;Biological Networks;systems biology