Dog Pawsonality Test

Dog Pawsonality Test

Crack Your Canine's Code in 81 Questions


White Lion Publishing






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Introduction How To Use This Book The Six Canine Characteristics The nine quizzes: TOP DOG: Reflect on your dog's confidence levels and how they interact with others. DOZING DOGGY STYLE: See what your dog's sleeping positions, patterns and behaviours reveal. WHERE THERE'S A WOOF THERE'S A WAY: Take a look at how your dog communicates. IT'S A DOG LIFE: Every daily habit offers a meaningful clue, from their preferred routine to how they handle disruptions. POSE LIKE A POOCH: Unpick your dog's signature style. CANINE SMARTS AND TRAINING: Penetrate the powers of your mutt's mind, by looking at how they respond to instruction. WOOF AND TUMBLE: Find out what your dog's favourite way to play signifies. POOCH POWER: How does your dog relate to you? DOGS ON THE MOVE: Investigate how your dog acts when they're out and about. The Six Canine Characteristics Score Page Conclusion Dog Types and Breeds Further Reading on Canine Care, Wellbeing and Behaviour
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