Digital Archives Handbook

Digital Archives Handbook

A Guide to Creation, Management, and Preservation

Rowman & Littlefield






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Introduction, by Aaron D. Purcell Part I: Processes and Practices Chapter 1: Acquisitions, Appraisal, and Arrangement Lisa Calahan Chapter 2: Description and Delivery Dorothy Waugh Chapter 3: Digital Preservation Bertram Lyons Chapter 4: Digital Forensics and Curation Martin Gengenbach Chapter 5: Contracts, Intellectual Property, and Privacy Heather Briston Part II: Collections and Environments Chapter 6: Performing Arts Collections Vincent J. Novara Chapter 7: Oral History Collections Douglas A. Boyd Chapter 8: Architectural and Design Collections Aliza Leventhal Chapter 9: Congressional Collections Danielle Emerling Chapter 10: Email Matthew Farrell
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