Crimes of Wildlife Trafficking

Crimes of Wildlife Trafficking

Issues of Justice, Legality and Morality

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1: Introduction to the legal and illegal abduction, theriocide and trafficking of endangered animals; 2: Methodology and ecophilosophical orientation; 3: Animals and animal products trafficked to Norway; 4: Court cases exemplifying the variations of wildlife trade and animal abuse; 5: Trafficking within Norway and from Norway to other countries; 6: The enforcement of CITES in Norway from the perspective of CITES control agencies; 7: The keeping of exotic reptiles in Norway; 8: Summary of the Norwegian case study; 9: Wildlife trafficking in Colombia; 10: The animal victims in Colombia and how they are abused; 11: Responses to wildlife trafficking by the Colombian authorities; 12: How to respond to the harms of wildlife trafficking; 13: Animal victimization in Norway and Colombia; 14: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the wildest of them all?;
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