Commercial Use of Biodiversity

Commercial Use of Biodiversity

Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing


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List of Boxes, Figures and Tables Acronyms and Abbreviations Foreword Acknowledgments 1 Introduction 2. Regulation Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit-Sharing: The Legal Aspects 3. Natural Products and the Pharmaceutical Industry 4. The Botanical Medicine Industry 5. The Development of Major Crops by the Seed Industry 6. Horticulture 7. Crop Protection 8. Biotechnology in Fields Other Than the Healthcare and Agriculture 9. The Natural Personal Care and Cosmetics Industry 10. Industry and the CBD 11. Conclusions 12. Recommendations Appendix A: The Influence of Natural Products on 1997 Pharmaceutical Sales Figures Appendix B: Scientific and Common Names of Selected Botanical Medicines Appendix C: Regulatory Frameworks for Botanical Medicines Appendix D: Tentative List of Crops Under Negotiation as the Scope of the Multilateral System in the Revised International Undertaking Appendix E: Regulatory Frameworks Relevant to the Release of Crop Varieties Useful Contacts and Sources of Information Glossary Bibliography Research Methodology and Team Index
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