Coach Who Strangled the Bulldog

Coach Who Strangled the Bulldog

How Harvard's Percy Haughton Beat Yale and Reinvented Football

Friedman, Dick

Rowman & Littlefield






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Acknowledgments Introduction Prologue: Two Brickleys, A Century Apart 1: P.D. Strangles the Bulldog 2: Death in the Afternoon 3: Haughton Cuts Camp Off at the Pass 4: "Here Is the Theoretical Superplayer in Flesh and Blood" 5: The da Vinci of the Dropkick 6: The System 7: Brickley 15, Yale 5 8: The Football Industrial Complex 9: "Yale Supplied the Bowl . . . But Harvard Had the Punch" 10: Poor Eli's Hopes We Are Dashing 11: From Soldiers Field to Flanders Field, and Beyond Notes Selected Bibliography Index About the Author
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