Civil Sphere in East Asia

Civil Sphere in East Asia

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Introduction. The civil sphere in the cultural and political transformations of modern East Asia David A. Palmer and Jeffrey C. Alexander; 1. South Korea's presidential scandal and civil repair Jongryul Choi; 2. System crisis and the civil sphere: media discourse on the crisis of education in South Korea Sunwoong Park; 3. Boundary tension and reconstruction: credit information crises and the civil sphere in Korea Hee-Jeong Lee; 4. Performing civil disobedience in Hong Kong Agnes Shuk-mei Ku; 5. Fault line in the civil sphere: explaining new divisions in Hong Kong's opposition movement Andrew Junker and Cheris Chan; 6. Three moral codes and microcivil spheres in China David A. Palmer; 7. Attempting civil repair in China: SACOM's campaigns and the challenge to digital capitalism Pun Ngai and Kenneth Tsz Fung Ng; 8. Fantasy is more believable: the shadow civil sphere in Chinese online fiction Xiaoli Tian; 9. Institutions and civil instantiation: the case of modern Japanese police Mayumi Shimizu; 10. What constitutes 'autonomy' in the Japanese civil sphere? The struggle over surrogacy Yoshie Yanagihara; 11. Developing communicative institutions in local communities: the practice of participatory budgeting in Taiwan Kuo-ming Lin; 12. Reconciliation through the transnational civil sphere? Historical dialogue and the tri-national joint history project in East Asia Horng-luen Wang; Commentary. Opening up civil sphere theory: from the United States through Latin America to East Asia Carlo Tognato; Conclusion. Theoretical issues in comparative perspective Peter Kivisto and Giuseppe Sciortino.
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