Cambridge Companion to Nineteenth-Century Thought

Cambridge Companion to Nineteenth-Century Thought

Claeys, Gregory

Cambridge University Press






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1. Introduction Gregory Claeys; 2. State and individual in political thought Georgios Varouxakis; 3. Remaking theology: orthodoxies and their critics John E. Wilson; 4. Philosophy in the wake of Hegel Norbert Waszek; 5. The origins of the social sciences Mike Gane; 6. Historical methods in Europe and America Adam Budd; 7. Capitalism and its critics Keith Tribe; 8. Individuality, the self, and concepts of mind Roger Smith; 9. Social Darwinism Gregory Claeys; 10. Feminist thought Wendy Hayden; 11. Race and empire in the nineteenth century Saree Makdisi; 12. Patterns of literary transformation Norman Vance.
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