Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace

Cambridge Companion to David Foster Wallace

Cambridge University Press






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Part I. Historical and Cultural Contexts: 1. Slacker redemption: Wallace and generation X Marshall Boswell; 2. Wallace and American literature Andrew Hoberek; 3. Wallace's 'bad influence' Lee Konstantinou; Part II. Early Works, Story Collections, and Non-Fiction: 4. Broom of the System and Girl with Curious Hair Matthew Luter; 5. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men Adam Kelly; 6. Oblivion David Hering; 7. Wallace's non-fiction Jeffrey Severs; Part III. The Major Novels: 8. Infinite Jest Mary Holland; 9. 'Palely loitering': on not finishing (in) The Pale King Clare Hayes-Brady; Part IV. Themes and Topics: 10. Wallace's aesthetic Robert L. McLaughlin; 11. Wallace and politics Andrew Warren; 12. Wallace, spirituality, and religion Matthew Mullins; 13. Wallace and race Lucas Thompson; 14. Wallace's geographic metafiction Jurrit Daalder; 15. David (Foster) Wallace and the (world) system Joseph Tabbi.
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