Broadview Guide to Writing, Canadian Edition

Broadview Guide to Writing, Canadian Edition

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Writing Processes P1 Getting Started P1.1 Attitude and Voice P1.2 Academic Style P1.3 Audience P1.4 Purpose P1.5 Focus P1.6 Discovery P1.7 Writer's Block P1.8 Research P1.9 Finding Sources P1.10 Evaluating Sources P2 Making Sense P2.1 Argument P2.2 Logic P2.3 Fallacies P2.4 Thesis P2.5 Organization P2.6 Modes of Writing P2.7 Logical Fluency P2.8 Your Arguments, Others' Arguments P3 Improving Style P3.1 Stylistic Fluency P3.2 Diction P3.3 Syntax P3.4 Rhythm P3.5 Figures of Speech P3.6 Voice P3.7 Tone P3.8 Revision and Proofreading P3.9 Writing by Computer Special Topic How to Be Good with Words Writing Mechanics M1 Grammar M1.1 "Right" and "Wrong" M1.2 Parts of Speech M1.3 Parts of Sentences M1.4 Verb Forms M1.5 Mood and Voice M1.6 How to Build Sentences (Sentence Combining) M2 Usage M2.1 Verb Issues M2.2 Preposition Issues M2.3 Noun and Pronoun M2.4 Word Order M2.5 Word Meanings M2.6 Part-of-Speech Conversions M2.7 Slang M2.8 Word Conventions M2.9 Joining Words M2.10 Wordiness M2.11 National Variants M3 Punctuation and Other Conventions M3.1 Punctuation M3.2 Quotations M3.3 Capitalization M3.4 Abbreviations M3.5 Spelling M4 For Those Whose Native Language Is Not English Special Topic Seeing and Meaning Writing Contexts C1: Writing Across the Disciplines C1.1 Different Subjects, Different Styles C1.2 English Studies C1.3 Humanities C1.4 Natural and Applied Sciences C1.5 Social Sciences C1.6 Business and Commerce C2: Forms and Conventions C2.1 The Meanings of Texts C2.2 Meaning and Form in Literature C2.3 The Text in the Present Tense C2.4 Authors and Speakers C2.5 The Scientific Research Paper C2.6 Scientific Tone C2.7 First Person and Active Voice C2.8 Writing in the Workplace C2.9 Personal and Informal Writing C2.10 Examinations and In-class Essays C3: Style Guides C3.1 MLA Style C3.2 APA Style C3.3 Chicago Style C3.4 CSE Style
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