Bowhead Whale

Bowhead Whale

Balaena Mysticetus: Biology and Human Interactions


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Section I: Basic Biology 1. Higher-Level Phylogeny of Baleen Whales 2. Fossil Record 3. The Stocks of Bowheads 4. Distribution and behavior of Bering-Beaufort-Chukchi bowhead whales as inferred by telemetry 5. Distribution, migrations and ecology of the populations in the Atlantic and the Okhotsk Sea 6. Abundance 7. Life History, Growth, and Form 8. Prenatal Development 9. Anatomy of skull and mandible 10. Postcranial skeleton and musculature 11. Hematology, Serum- , and Urine Composition 12. Anatomy and Physiology of the Gastrointestinal System 13. Female and Male Reproduction 14. Anatomy and Function of Feeding 15. Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Systems 16. Thermoregulation and Energetics 17. Brain 18. Sensory Systems 19. Endocrinology and Blubber Physiology 20. Molecular Insights into the Derived Anatomy and Physiology of Bowhead Whales 21. Age Estimation 22. Acoustic behavior 23. Bowhead whale behavior: Natural and potentially disturbed 24. Ecological Variation in the Western Beaufort Sea Section II: The Bowhead Ecosystem 25. The Physical Oceanographic Setting of Bowhead Whale Habitat 26. Biological Environment of Bowhead Whale Habitats 27. Bowhead whale ecology in changing high-latitude ecosystems 28. Diet and Prey 29. Predators Impacts of Predation 30. Diseases and Parasites Section III: Interactions with Humans 31. Whaling in Indigenous Cultures of the Arctic 32. Current Indigenous Whaling 33. Commercial Whaling in Historical Times 34. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Research and Management of the Bowhead Whale 35. Effects of noise 36. Fishing gear Entanglement and Vessel Collisions 37. Contaminants 38. Conservation and Management 39. Past, Present, and Future
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bowheads; right whales; baleen whales; cetecea; marine mammals; conservation; physiology; anatomy; ecology; biology