Bloomsbury Introduction to Postmodern Realist Fiction

Bloomsbury Introduction to Postmodern Realist Fiction

Resisting Master Narratives

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List of Illustrations List of Contributors Acknowledgements Chapter 1 Thinking about Transcultural Ecocriticism: Space, Scale and Translation Stuart Cooke and Peter Denney, Griffith University, Australia PART A: PLANETARY LOCALITIES Chapter 2 Urban Narrative and Climate Change Ursula K. Heise, UCLA, USA Chapter 3 Scaling Down Our Imagination of the Human: Ted Chiang and the Fable of Extinction Chris Danta, University of New South Wales, Australia Chapter 4 'Re-enchanting the World' from Mozambique: The African Anthropocene and Mia Couto's Poetics of the Planet Meg Samuelson, University of Adelaide and Stellenbosch University, South Africa Chapter 5 Ecological Imaginations in Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction Mengtian Sun, University of Melbourne, Australia PART B: BEYOND THE ROMANTIC FRONTIER Chapter 6 The Colonial Translation of Natures Alan Bewell, University of Toronot, Canada Chapter 7 Sensing Empire: Travel Writing, Picturesque Taste and British Perceptions of the Indian Sensory Environment Peter Denney Chapter 8 The Dark Side of Romantic Dendrophilia Ve-Yin Tee, Nanzan University, Japan Chapter 9 Shaping Selves and Spaces: Romanticism, Botany and South-West Western Australia Jessica White, University of Edinburgh, UK PART C: DECOLONIAL POETICS Chapter 10 Transcultural Ecopoetics and Decoloniality in meenamatta lena puellakanny: Meenamatta Water Country Discussion Peter Minter, University of Sydney, Australia Chapter 11 Theorising Decolonised Literary Environments Stephen Muecke, Flinders University, Australia Chapter 12 Placing Invisible Women: Environment, Space and Power in Two Works by Ana Patricia Martinez Huchim Maia Gunn Watkinson, University of New South Wales, Australia Chapter 13 Geoterritorial Island Poetics, or Transcultural Composition with a Wetland in Southern Chile Stuart Cooke, with Juan Paulo Huirimilla, La Universidad de Los Lagos, Puerto Montt, Chile Index
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