Bioethics of the "Crazy Ape"

Bioethics of the "Crazy Ape"

Tari, Gergely; Kelemen, Oguz

Trivent Publishing






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PART I. ETHICAL CHALLENGES IN ENHANCEMENT TECHNOLOGIES The Dignity of Apes, Humans, and AI Author(s): Stefan Lorenz Sorgner Human Dignity in Genetic Engineering (With Some Hungarian Examples) Author(s): Vivien Szutor PART II. BIOETHICS, ANTHROPOLOGY, PSYCHOLOGY, AND PHILOSOPHY Please geben votre consentimiento! Informed Decision-Making in Intercultural Context Author(s): Attila Dobos Can Kant's Position Be Guessed in a Debate on Access to New Technical Advances in Medicine? Author(s): Daniela Reisz, Alexandra Anghel Children's Bioethics, Theory of Attachment, and P4C Author(s): Florin Lobont Implementing Purity and Combating Impurity: Biopower and Totalist Movements Author(s): Mihai Murariu The Psy-complex: Out of the Techno-Scientific Paradigm? Author(s): Attila Banfalvi Euthanasia in the Contemporary World: What Role Does Faith Play in the Choice to Legalize Assisted Dying Practices? Author(s): Sorin Grigore Vulcanescu PART III. GLOBALIZATION AND ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS A Critique of the Environmental Ethical Critique of Christian Anthropocentrism Author(s): Ferenc Herany Ecocentrism or the Attempt to Leave Antropocentricity Author(s): Dejan Donev Debating Public Policy: Ethics, Politics and Economics of Wildlife Management in Southern Africa Author(s): Matthew Crippen, John Salevurakis The Role of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in the Controversy over Genetically-Modified Food Author(s): Ivica Kelam PART IV. ETHICAL AND LEGAL CHALLENGES IN MEDICINE AND RESEARCH UDBHR: An Interpretation in the Indian Medico-legal and Bioethical Context Author(s): Anamika Krishnan An Evaluation of Faith-Based Perspectives on the Withdrawal of Life-Sustaining Treatment from Patients in a Permanent Vegetative State Author(s): Kartina A. Choong, Mahmood Chandia Reproductive Autonomy and Genetic Technologies: Ethical and Legal Implications Related to Sex Selection Author(s): Narine Harutyunyan The Medicalization of Childbirth: Ethical and Legal Issues of Negative Childbirth Experience Author(s): Gergely Tari, Csaba Hamvai Prophylactic Mastectomy on Demand Author(s): Csaba Hamvai, Gergely Tari, Melinda Csenki Truth Disclosure in the Age of Technologized Medicine Author(s): Coralia Cotoraci, Alciona Sasu, Mircea Onel, Cristina Ghib-Para Ethical Challenges Related to Marketing Drugs Author(s): Miroslav Radenkovic, Ivana Lazarevic, Marko Stojanovic, Tanja Jovanovic Disclosing Research Results to Participants: Is There a Consensus? Author(s): Adel Toth