Berlin Masterpieces in America

Berlin Masterpieces in America

Paintings, Politics and the Monuments Men

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Foreword; Introduction; Sold and Stolen: The Use and Abuse of Paintings during World War II by Peter Bell; Map: The Movements of the "202"; Walter Farmer and the Central Collecting Point in Wiesbaden by Tanja Bernsau; Making Art History: The Masterpieces' Postwar Tour by Kristi Nelson; he Road (Back) to Berlin: The Endless Journey of the "202" by Neville Rowley; Walter Ings Farmer: Memories of a Life; What's Past is Prologue: Provenance Research in American Museums by Nancy Yeide; Catalogue: Art and Injustice under Nazi Rule; The Berlin "202"; Walter Ings Farmer and the Cincinnati Art Museum; Appendix: Paintings from the Berlin Museums: Travel Schedule; Checklist; Related Documents; Bibliography; Photo Credits; Index
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