Autobiography Effect

Autobiography Effect

Writing the Self in Post-Structuralist Theory

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Preface Chapter One: The Subject of Autobiography Barthes' anti-authorialism Copyright and authorship Barthesian autobiography Return of the referent The autobiography effect Notes Bibliography Chapter Two: Bodies in Crisis Pathography Metaphor (Nancy) Contingency (Nietzsche) Interruption (Ronell) Notes Bibliography Chapter Three: Eye Problems Anthropology (Nietzsche) Alterity (Derrida) I (Cixous) Notes Bibliography Chapter Four: Origin Algeria Silence Breaking the silence Discursive proliferation L'Allegorie francaise Notes Bibliography Chapter Five: How Not to Write about Oneself Lack of identity (Levi-Strauss) Posthumous rereadings (de Man) The ecstasy of anonymity (Foucault) Conclusions Notes Bibliography
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autobiography; literary language; post-structuralism