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1. Introduction Edmund Abaka and Kwame Osei Kwarteng Part 1 2. The Ahafo-Asante Relations, 1712-1935 Kwame Osei Kwarteng and Kwame Adum-Kyeremeh 3. The Asante Factor in the Political Re-Orientation of Northern Ghana: A Historical Evaluation of the Bassari-Dagomba Relations, 1745-1876 Limpu I. Digbun 4. Asante Imperium Expansion: Imperial Outlook and Construction of Empire Eugenia Anderson 5. Contending Empires: Asante and Britain From the Seventeenth to the Nineteenth Centuries Ezekiel Walker Part 2 6. Historical Reconstruction of an Asante Ancillary State: Origin, Migration and Settlement of Sekyere Kwamang Osei Prempeh 7. Dupuis' Discourse on Asante in the 19th Century: An Evaluation of the Islamic Themes in the Journal of Residence in Ashantee (1824) Jibrail Bin Yusuf 8. Why Islam Did Not Make a Significant Impact on Asante During the 18th and 19th Centuries Jibrail Bin Yusuf and Victoria Agyare-Appiah Part 3 9. Red Gold: Kola Nuts, the Kola Nut Trade and the Political Economy of Asante Edmund Abaka 10. An Indigenous Innovative Touch: Origin and Significance of the Kente Cloth in Asante Culture Frimpong Nana Asamoah 11. Adinkra Symbols and Proverbs as Tools for Elucidating Indigenous Asante Political Thought Alex J. Wilson 12. The Tropology of Akan Drum Language: Sounds and Meanings From the Mamponghene's Drum Appellation Peter Arthur, Philomena Yeboah and Darko Baffour Part 4 13. A Political Architecture of Leadership Crisis of the Kumasi Central Mosque From 1970 to 2013 Douglas Frimpong-Nnuroh and Mariam Afumwaa Osei 14. Claiming Asante: The Akan Origins of Jamaican Maroons Mario Nisbett Part 5 15. Secular Government and the Court of the Asante Ahemaa in the 21st Century: An Ethnographic Account of Ejisu and Juaben Traditional Areas Lydia Amoah and Charles Prempeh 16. Epidemiology and Local Responses to Diseases in Asante: A Focus on Kumase Since the Beginning of the Twentieth Century Samuel Adu-Gyamfi, Wilhemina Joselyn Donkoh and Dennis Baffour Awuah 17. Girl Child Education in Asante, 1901-1957 Victor Asante Angbah