Art of Hernia Surgery

Art of Hernia Surgery

A Step-by-Step Guide

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PART I GENERAL ASPECTS: 1 History and evolution.- 2 Physiopathology and experimental surgery.- 3 Classifications.- 4 Diagnosis.- 5 Materials and devices.- PART II INGUINAL REGION: 6 Anatomy of the Inguinal region.- 7 Pathology (primary and recurrent hernia, giant, pubic inguinal pain syndrome - PIPS, endometriosis).- 8 Treatment (anaesthesia, open anterior, open posterior, TAPP, TEP, robotic, PIPS treatment).- 9 Results and complications.- 10 Post-operative chronic pain (assessment, treatment and results).- PART III FEMORAL REGION: 11 Anatomy of the Femoral region.- 12 Pathology (primary and recurrent hernia).- 13 Treatment (anaesthesia, open anterior, open posterior, TAPP, TEP, robotic).- 14 Results and complications.- PART IV VENTRAL REGION: 15 Anatomy of the Ventral region (midline and lateral).- 16 Pathology (anaesthesia, primary and recurrent hernia, umbilical, epigastric, Spigelian, lumbar, rectum diastasis, floppy abdomen).- 17 Treatment (open, lap and robotic).- 18 Results and complications.- PART V INCISIONAL HERNIA: 19 Anatomy of Incisional hernia.- 20 Pathology (first small, recurrences, complex cases, disasters, risk zone).- 21 Treatment (open, lap and robotic).- 22 Results and complications.
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