American Weird

American Weird

Concept and Medium


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Acknowledgements Contributors 1.Introduction: Conceptualizations, Mediations, and Remediations of the American Weird Julius Greve (University of Oldenburg) and Florian Zappe (University of Goettingen) Part One: Concept 2. A Doxa of the American Weird Dan O'Hara (Independent Scholar, UK) 3. The Oozy Set: Toward a Weird(ed) Taxonomy Johnny Murray (Independent Scholar, UK) 4. Validating Weird Fiction as an (Im)Possible Genre Anne-Maree Wicks (University of Southern Queensland, Australia) 5. Woke Weird and the Cultural Politics of Camp Transformation Stephen Shapiro (University of Warwick, UK) 6. The Weird in/of Crisis, 1930/2010 Tim Lanzendoerfer (University of Frankfurt, Germany) 7. After Weird: Harman, Deleuze, and the American "Thing" Daniel D. Fineman (Occidental College, USA) 8. Concerning A Deleuzean Weird: A Response to Dan Fineman Graham Harman (Southern California Institute of Architecture, USA) Part Two: Medium 9. Get Out, Race and Formal Destiny (on Common Weirdness) Eugenie Brinkema (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) 10. From a Heap of Broken Images Towards a Postcolonial Weird: Ana Lily Amirpour's Western Landscapes Maryam Aras (University of Bonn, Germany) 11. "It is in Our House Now": Twin Peaks, Nostalgia, and David Lynch's Weird Spaces Oliver Moisich and Markus Wierschem (University of Paderborn, Germany) 12. Demolishing the Blues: Captain Beefheart as Modernist Outsider Paul Sheehan (Macquarie University, Australia) 13. Weird Visual Mythopoeia: On Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle Florian Zappe (University of Goettingen, Germany) 14. Hidden Cultures and the Representation and Creation of Weird Reality in Alan Moore's Providence Alexander Greiffenstern (Independent Scholar, Germany) 15. Alien Beauty: The Glamour of the Eerie Fred Francis (Independent Scholar, UK) 16. Conspiracy Hermeneutics: The Secret World as Weird Tale Tanya Krzywinska (Falmouth University, UK) 17. Afterword: Weird in the Walls Roger Luckhurst (Birkbeck, University of London, UK) Index
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