1930s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction

1930s: A Decade of Modern British Fiction

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Contributors Series Editors' Preface Acknowledgements Introduction: The 1930s in the Twenty-First Century Nick Hubble, Burnel University, UK, Luke Seaber, University College London, UK and Elinor Taylor, University of Westminster, UK 1. 'You're not in the market at Shielding, Joe': Beyond the Myth of the 'Thirties' Nick Hubble 2. Spectres of English Fascism: History, Aesthetics and Cultural Critique Elinor Taylor 3 Naomi Mitchison and the Class and Gender Politics of Eugenics Natasha Periyan, University of Kent, UK 4. British Culture and Identity in 1930s Anglophone Literature from Australia, Canada and India Sabujkoli Bandopadhyay, University of Regina, Canada 5. Timely Interventions and Disruptive Temporalities: Queer Writing of the 1930s Glyn Salton-Cox, University of California Santa Barabara, USA 6. Private Faces in Public Places: Auto-Intertextuality, Authority and 1930s Fiction Luke Seaber 7. 'How To Acquire Culture' by The Man Who Sees: The Middlebrow, Liberal Humanism, and Morally Superior Lower-Middle-Class Citizenship in Woman's Weekly, 1938-1939 Ellie Reed, University of Roehampton, UK 8. 'It's a narsty biziness': Conservatism and Subversion in 1930s Detective Fiction and Thrillers Glyn White, University of Salford, UK Timeline of Works Timeline of National Events Timeline of International Events Biographies of Writers Index
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