100 Greatest American Athletes

100 Greatest American Athletes

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Introduction 1: Jim Thorpe: The Sports Conqueror 2: Michael Jordan: His Airness 3: Bob Mathias: The Manchild 4: Jim Brown: The Indestructible 5: Michael Phelps: The Baltimore Bullet 6: Deion Sanders: Prime Time 7: LeBron James: The Chosen One 8: Jackie Joyner-Kersee: Magnificent Heptathlete 9: Rafer Johnson: Renaissance Man 10: Muhammad Ali: The Louisville Lip 11: Willie Mays: The Say Hey Kid 12: Babe Ruth: The Sultan of Swat 13: Ashton Eaton: Wheels 14: Babe Didrikson Zaharias: The Master of All 15: Wilt Chamberlain: Wilt the Stilt 16: Jackie Robinson: The Barrier Breaker 17: Rickey Henderson: The Man of Steal 18: Bo Jackson: The Freakish Talent 19: Jesse Owens: To Hell with Hitler 20: Henry Aaron: Hammerin' Hank 21: Tom Brady: Tom Terrific 22: Lawrence Taylor: L.T. 23: Carl Lewis: King Carl 24: Reggie White: The Minister of Defense 25: Bruce Jenner: Bruiser 26: Ray Robinson: Sugar 27: Don Hutson: The Alabama Antelope 28: Bob Hayes: Bullet Bob 29: Bill Russell: Mr. 11 Rings 30: Deacon Jones: The Secretary of Defense 31: Sandy Koufax: The Left Arm of God 32: Mickey Mantle: The Mick 33: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Big A' 34: Lou Gehrig: The Iron Horse 35: Emlen Tunnell: Offense on Defense 36: Jerry West: Zeke from Cabin Creek 37: Anthony Munoz: The Great Protector 38: Oscar Charleston: The Black Ty Cobb 39: Earvin Johnson: Magic 40: Joe Louis: The Brown Bomber 41: Kobe Bryant: The Black Mamba 42: Serena Williams: Momma Smash 43: Honus Wagner: The Flying Dutchman 44: Julius Erving: Dr. J 45: Gale Sayers: The Kansas Comet 46: Mary Wambach: Abby 47: Jerry Rice: Flash 80 48: Pete Sampras: Pistol Pete 49: Eric Heiden: The Record Breaker 50: Shaun White: The Flying Tomato 51: Simone Biles: Simoney 52: Stan Musial: Stan the Man 53: Willie Pep: Will o the Wisp 54: Walter Payton: Sweetness 55: Althea Gibson: The Tenacious One 56: Henry Armstrong: Homicide Hank 57: Joe Montana: Joe Cool 58: Mike Tyson: The Baddest Man on the Planet 59: Dick Butkus: The Maestro of Mayhem 60: Tracy Caulkins: The Medley Sensation 61: Michael Johnson: The Duck 62: Bob Beamon: Leap of a Lifetime 63: Oscar Robertson: The Big O 64: Mike Schmidt: Iron Mike 65: Larry Bird: The Hick from French Lick 66: Lindsey Vonn: Kildon 67: Karl Malone: The Mailman 68: Mike Trout: The Millville Meteor 69: Cheryl Miller: Big Sister 70: Mark Spitz: Mark the Shark 71: Tony Hawk: The Bird Man 72: Joe DiMaggio: The Yankee Clipper 73: Peggy Fleming: The Steel-Nerved Skater from San Jose 74: Walter Johnson: The Big Train 75: Barry Sanders: The Little Fella 76: Ty Cobb: The Georgia Peach 77: Bonnie Blair: The Blue 78: Secretariat: Big Red 79: Rocky Marciano: The Brockton Blockbuster 80: Red Grange: The Galloping Ghost 81: Chris Chelios: The Godfather of USA Hockey 82: Chris Evert: The Ice Maiden 83: Al Oerter: He-Man Heave Man 84: Mary T. Meagher: Madame Butterfly 85: Lisa Leslie: Smooth 86: O.J. Simpson: The Juice 87: Billie Jean King: The Male Chauvinist Pig Tamer 88: Wilma Rudolph: The Tornado 89: Kelly Slater: King Kelly 90: Johnny Unitas: The Golden Arm 91: Ted Williams: The Splendid Splinter 92: Greg Louganis: Dynamite Diver 93: Josh Gibson: The Legend 94: Edwin Moses: The Bionic Man 95: Jack Nicklaus: The Golden Bear 96: Rogers Hornsby: The Rajah 97: Florence Griffith Joyner: FloJo 98: Gabby Douglas: The Flying Squirrel 99: Lynette Woodard: The Globetrotter 100: Eldrick Woods: Tiger Index About the Author
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