That Savage Gaze

That Savage Gaze

Wolves in the Nineteenth-Century Russian Imagination

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A Note on Translation and Transliteration Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 Harnessing the Domestic to Confront the Wild: Borzoi Wolf Hunting and Masculine Aggression in War and Peace Chapter 2 The Rise of Hunting Societies, the Professionalization of Wolf Expertise, and the Legal Sanctioning of Predator Control with Guns and Poison Chapter 3 Chekhov's "Hydrophobia," Kuzminskaya's "The Rabid Wolf," and the Fear of Bestial Madness on the Eve of Pasteur's Panacea Chapter 4 Fissures in the Flock: Wolf Hounding, the Humane Society, and the Literary Redemption of a Feared Predator Conclusion Endnotes Bibliography