Texts from the Querelle, 1521-1615

Texts from the Querelle, 1521-1615

Essential Works for the Study of Early Modern Women: Series III, Part Two, Volume 1

Benson, Pamela J.

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Contents: Preface by the General Editors; Introductory Note; Christine de Pisan, Title page, Frontispiece, Part I (sigs. Aa2-Ff2) and Part 3 (sigs. Z2v-Z4v) in The Boke of the Cyte of Ladyes, Part 1 (trans Anslay, 1521); Thomas Elyot, The Defence of Good Women (1540); Edward Gosynhyll, The Scholehouse of women (1541?);The prayse of all women called Mulieru[m] Pean (1542); Robert Burdet or Robert Vaughan, A dyalogue defensyue for women (1542), A Letter sent by the Maydens of London (1567); C. Pyrrye, The Praise and Dispraise of Women (1569); Jane Anger, Iane Anger her Protection for Women (1588); Nicholas Breton, The Praise of vertuous Ladies, (sigs. Q4-Tv) in The Wil of Wit (1597); I.G., An apologie for Women-kinde (1605); Aemilia Lanyer, Title page and 'To the Vertvovs Reader' (sigs. f3-f3v) in SalveE Devs Rex IvdA|orum(1611; STC 15227); Joseph Swetnam, The Araignment of lewd, idle, froward and vnconstant Women (1615).
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