Textbook of Ocular Trauma

Textbook of Ocular Trauma

Evaluation and Treatment


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Chapter 1. The Ocular Trauma Patient Encounter Jewel Liao, MD Chapter 2. Corneal Trauma Leon Rafailov MD and Douglas R. Lazzaro MD FACS Chapter 3. Trauma to the Anterior Chamber and Lens Neha Shaik MD, Jay Arora MD, Jewel Liao MD, and Allison E. Rizzuti MD Chapter 4. Post-Refractive Surgery Trauma Albert Y. Cheung, MD, Jade M. Price, MD, Samuel T. Gamsky, BA, BS, Chirag K. Gupta, MD, and Mark A. Rolain, MD Chapter 5. Glaucoma Considerations Ilan Epstein, Prachi Dua, Edward Chay, and Inci Dersu Chapter 6. Eyelids Jenny Temnogorod, MD and Roman Shinder, MD, FACS Chapter 7. The Lacrimal System Nora Silverman MD, PhD and Roman Shinder, MD, FACS Chapter 8. Enucleation Mamta Shah MD and Roman Shinder, MD FACS Chapter 9. Orbit Reshma Mehendale, MD and Roman Shinder, MD, FACS Chapter 10. Retina and Posterior Segment Injuries Andrew Hou and Dr. Eric M. Shrier Chapter 11. Sympathetic Ophthalmia E. Clifford Lazzaro, MD Chapter 12. Optic Nerve, Visual Pathways and Oculomotor System Valerie I. Elmalem, MD, Laura Palazzolo, BA, and Marib Akanda, BA Chapter 13. Pediatric Ocular Trauma Charles D. McCanna, MD and James A. Deutsch, MD Chapter 14. European Perspective of Ocular Trauma Management: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations Based on Our Experience Alessandro Meduri, MD, PhD, Mario Urso, MD, Marco Zagari, MD, Alessandro Arrigo, MD, and Pasquale Aragona, MD, PhD
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Eye trauma;Ocular trauma;Ophthalmic injuries;Ophthalmic trauma;Ophthalmology