Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe

Tenancy Law and Housing Policy in Europe

Towards Regulatory Equilibrium

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Contents: Preface Introduction Christoph U. Schmid 1. The role of private renting in France and the Netherlands compared Marietta E.A. Haffner 2. Central and East European housing regimes in the light of private rental sector development Jozsef Hegedus and Vera Horvath 3. Tenancies as an alternative to homeownership in Spain, Portugal and Malta? The legal drivers in a European context Sergio Nasarre Aznar, Maria Olinda Garcia, Hector Simon Moreno, Kurt Xerri and Elga Molina Roig 4. Black market and residential tenancy contracts in southern Europe: new trends in private law measures Elena Bargelli and Ranieri Bianchi 5. The (in)effectiveness of tenancy regulation in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia - is law part of the problem or the solution? Spelca Meznar and Masa Drofenik 6. Elements of stability of tenancy relations in Baltic states Irene Kull and Ave Hussar 7. Balancing the rights of tenants and landlords in the context of rent regulation - Polish experiences in the light of ECtHR case-law Magdalena Habdas and Grzegorz Panek 8. The British assured shorthold tenancy in a European context: extremity of tenancy law on the fringes of Europe Mark Jordan 9. Rent control and other aspects of tenancy law in Sweden, Denmark and Finland - how can a balance be struck between protection of tenants' rights and landlords' ownership rights in welfare states? Per Norberg and Jakob Juul-Sandberg 10. The role of tenancy law in the tenant countries Switzerland, Austria and Germany - Macroeconomic benefits through a balanced legal infrastructure? Annika Klopp and Christoph U. Schmid Epilogue: towards a European role in tenancy law and housing policy Christoph U. Schmid Index
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