Television Studies in Queer Times

Television Studies in Queer Times

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Introduction, 1 Decalage, or the Queerness of Television Out of Time and Out of Place, 2 In the Queer-View Mirror: Looking at 1991, 3 Briggs, Family, Queer, 4 Queer Affirmation and US TV in the 2010s, 5 Realizing Unrealizable Joy: Queer Fantasy in Pose and The Fathers Project, 6 Living in the Gray Area: Bisexual Resignifications in Desiree Akhavan's The Bisexual, 7 Making Things Perfectly Sketch: Reflexive Queer and Trans Themes in Sketch Comedy, 8 How do Trans* Men Make Babies? Transkids and the National Womb, 9 Chivalry is Dead: The Pleasures of Queer Failure in Contemporary Historical Television, 10, Obscure Temporalities: Dark and the Queering of the Time Travel, 11 The Empty Promise of Queer Aesthetics in the Streaming Age, 12 Preaching, Pleasure, and Platforms: If I Was Your Girl and the Politics of Identity in YouTube Web Series and Comments, 13 Televising Lesbian Feminist Love-Politics on Dyke TV, 14 The Queerness of the Television-Industrial Closet, 15 "Producing Inclusion and Intersectionality: Queer Showrunners of Color in Contemporary Television, 16 Tales of the City, Queer Production Cultures, and Queer Generations
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