Television Studies in Queer Times

Television Studies in Queer Times

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1: "Queer Power: Multicultural Empowerment Narratives on/about Digital-Era TV," Ron Becker 2: "Briggs, Family, Queer," Melissa Hardie and Amy Villarejo 3: "In the Queer-View Mirror: Looking at 1991," Nick Salvato 4: "Like Living In a Different Time Zone": SBS's Queer Orientations," Robert Payne 5: "Making Things Perfectly Sketch: Reflexive Queer and Trans Themes in Sketch Comedy," Candace Moore 6: "Realizing Unrealizable Joy: Forming Queer Utopia in The Fathers Project," Hunter Hargraves 7: "Murdering Our Queer Past," Bridget Kies 8: "Obscure Temporalities: Dark and the Queering of the Time Travel," Michael DeAngelis 9: "The Television-Industrial Closet," Julia Himberg 10: "TV's Ins and Outs, or (Bat) Signals and (Caped) Crusades," Lynne Joyrich. 11: "How do Trans Men Make Babies? Transkids and Reproductive Fantasies," Slava Greenberg 12: "Queer Aesthetics in the Streaming Age," Jake Pitre 13: "Televising Lesbian Feminist Love-Politics on Dyke TV," Lauren Herold 14: "Producing Inclusion and Intersectionality: Queer Showrunners of Color in Contemporary Television," Sarah Sinwell 15: "Living in the Gray Area: Bisexual Resignifications in Desiree Akhavan's The Bisexual," Maria San Filippo. 16: "Visual Pleasure and Video-Sharing Platforms: If I Was Your Girl and the Representation of Black Sexuality," Faithe Day
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