Teaching the EU

Teaching the EU

Fostering Knowledge and Understanding in the Brexit Age

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PART I. WHY BOTHER? - HIGHER VALUES AND THE UNIVERSAL CAUSE IN TEACHING EU REVISITED Chapter 1. What is at stake in teaching the EU in times of Brexit? - an introduction; Anna Visvizi, Mark Field, and Marta Pachocka Chapter 2. "Why bother?": learning and teaching about European Union politics; Claudia Toriz Ramos Chapter 3. Vision, not division: EU and EU citizenship in teaching about EU; Olga Bombardelli PART II. INNOVATION IN TEACHING AND LEARNING EU IN HEI IN TIMES OF BREXIT Chapter 4. Brexit as breeding ground for problem-based learning; Dina Sebastiao and Sara Dias-Trindade Chapter 5. Using simulations to teach within UK higher education: an analysis of student perceptions of European studies-based simulations' pedagogical and other benefits; Karen Heard-Laureote and Mark Field Chapter 6. Technological tools in teaching EU: a design thinking proposal; Emilio J. Gonzalez and Jose M. Mella Chapter 7. Mixing teaching, research and expertise within the Jean Monnet Chair framework: the EUMedEA Crash Course; Stefania Panebianco Chapter 8. Regional dimension of teaching about the EU and entrepreneurship in Poland; Malgorzata Dziembala PART III. COUNTRY AND REGIONAL DIMENSIONS OF TEACHING EU: ISSUES AND IMPLICATIONS Chapter 9. Teaching and learning the European Union in Romania: traditional and digital tools; Cristina Matiuta Chapter 10. Teaching EU in Hungary; Anna Molnar and Monika Szente-Varga Chapter 11. Teaching EU law in difficult times in Turkey; Feyza Basar Chapter 12. Turning the tide in curriculum development in teaching European studies in Africa; Samuel Ojo Oloruntoba, Christopher Changwe Nshimbi, and Dickson Ajisafe Chapter 13. Teaching the EU, and teaching how to think: concluding remarks; Anna Visvizi, Mark Field, and Marta Pachocka
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