Teacher Education In and For Uncertain Times

Teacher Education In and For Uncertain Times


Springer Verlag, Singapore






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1 Reclaiming Educator Professionalism In and For Uncertain Times.- 2 It's the Worst, but Real Experience is Invaluable: Pre-service Teacher Perspective of the Costs and Benefits of Professional Experience.- 3 Teacher Education for an Uncertain Future: Implications of PISA's Global Competence.- 4 Classroom Ready Teachers: Who is Responsible? Exploring Supervising Teacher Identity and Practice.- 5 Listening to Mentor Teachers' Voices in Uncertain Times.- 6 Building Resilience in Times of Uncertainty and Complexity: Teacher Educator Perceptions of Pre-service Teacher Resilience.- 7 Self-regulatory Practices: Key Aspects of Learning for Student Teachers on Practicum.- 8 Preparing Teachers to Work With and For Remote Indigenous Communities: Unsettling Institutional Practices.- 9 Partnering with Schools Beyond the Professional Experience: Building Equity-centred ITE Programme Alignment and Coherence.
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