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Systematic Searching

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Figures, tables and case studies Contributors Acknowledgements Abbreviations Foreword - Carol Lefebvre 1. Introduction: where are we now? - Paul Levay and Jenny Craven 2. Innovative approaches to systematic reviewing - Andrew Booth 3. Searching for broad-based topics - Claire Stansfield 4. Choosing the right databases and search techniques - Alison Bethel and Morwenna Rogers 5. Gathering evidence from grey literature and unpublished data - Shannon Kugley and Richard Epstein 6. Social media as a source of evidence - Su Golder 7. Text mining for information specialists - Julie Glanville 8. Using linked data for evidence synthesis - Andrew Mitchell and Chris Mavergames 9. Evidence surveillance to keep up to date with new research - James Thomas, Anna Noel-Storr and Steve McDonald 10. Training the next generation of information specialists - Michelle Maden and Gil Young 11. Collaborative working to improve searching - Siw Waffenschmidt and Elke Hausner 12. Communication for information specialists - Margaret Sampson 13. The information specialist as an expert searcher - Alison Brettle 14. Conclusion: where do we go from here? - Paul Levay and Jenny Craven Glossary Index