Systematic Exploration of Indolizine-Based Small Fluorescent Molecules

Systematic Exploration of Indolizine-Based Small Fluorescent Molecules

Synthesis, Analysis and Application

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Abstract Table of Contents List of Figures List of Tables List of Schemes List of Abbreviations Chapter 1. Introduction 1.1 Molecular Fluorescence and Photophysical Parameters 1.2 Organic Fluorophores 1.2.1 BODIPY 1.2.2 Coumarin 1.2.3 Cyanine 1.2.4 Fluorescein 1.2.5 Rhodamine 1.2.6 Seoul-Fluor 1.3 Aims and Scope of the Thesis 1.4 References Chapter 2. A Comprehensive Studies of an Indolizine-Based Seoul-Fluor System 2.1 Structure and Quantum Yield Relationship Study of Seoul-Fluor 2.1.1 Introduction 2.1.2 Result and discussion 2.1.3 Conclusion 2.2 Optimization of SF-Based Lipid Droplet Bioprobes on the basis of Molecular Lipophilicity 2.2.1 Introduction 2.2.2 Result and discussion 2.2.3 Conclusion 2.3 An Overview of Seoul-Fluor System 2.4 References 2.5 Experimental Section Chapter 3. Tetrazine-Containing Colorful Bioorthogonal Probes based on the Indolizine Core Skeleton 3.1 Introduction 3.2 Result and Discussion 3.2.1 Initial design and synthesis 3.2.2 Change in absorption property of SFTz01-05 upon TCO cycloaddition reaction 3.2.3 Change in fluorescence property of SFTz01-05 upon cycloaddition reaction with TCO 3.2.4 Reaction kinetics 3.2.5 Rational expansion of multicolor SFTzs based on a monochromophoric strategy 3.2.6 TD-DFT calculation 3.2.7 Direct comparison of mono- vs bichromophoric SFTzs with long emission wavelength 3.2.8 Bioapplication 3.3 Conclusion 3.4 References 3.5 Experimental Section Chapter 4. Rational Development of Furoindolizine Core Skeleton Guided by Oscillator Strength 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Result and Discussion 4.2.1 Designing an unexplored fluorophore with high molar absorptivity 4.2.2 Library construction based on a novel furo[3,2-e]indolizine scaffold 4.2.3 Photophysical property analysis 4.2.4 Rational design of novel furoindolizine-based fluorescent compounds and bioapplication 4.3 Conclusion 4.4 References 4.5 Experimental Section
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