Strategies for Urban Network Learning

Strategies for Urban Network Learning

International Practices and Theoretical Reflections

van den Dool, Leon

Springer Nature Switzerland AG






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1. Introduction: Studying Strategies for Urban Network LearningLeon van den Dool and Linze Schaap PART I. THEORIES AND REFLECTIONS2. Learning processes in an urban governance context: a theoretical explorationLeon van den Dool and Linze Schaap 3. From "Best Practice" to "Relevant Practice" in International City-to-City LearningRobin Hambleton PART II. APPROACHES TO URBAN GOVERNANCE NETWORK LEARNING4. City-Region Governance Labs: Governance Learning by Strategic Policymakers from European City RegionsLinze Schaap, Niels Karsten, Carlo Colombo, Maaike Damen 5. Networking and Learning in Urban Living Labs: the Case of the Housing Innovation Lab in BostonGiorgia Nesti 6. Understanding Gentrification: Learning through Field Visits to Amsterdam, Yogyakarta, and Rotterdam Remco Vermeulen 7. Learning Through Collaboration: the Case of City Deals in The NetherlandsMarloes Dignum, David Hamers, David Evers 8. Two Reflexive Methods for Evaluating Public Policy Practice in Urban Network Contexts: Learning History and Learning EvaluationMichael Duijn PART III. TECHNIQUES FOR URBAN GOVERNANCE NETWORK LEARNING9. Learning in Complex Urban Networks: Can Group Mentoring Help?Leon van den Dool 10. City Visitations as Instruments of Urban Network Learning: the Case of the 2011 Flemish City Visitations Herwig Reynaert, Arno Korsten, Tom Verhelst 11. Crowd-Sourced Planning, Crowd-Monitoring, and Organisational LearningNorbert Kersting 12. Can Peer-to-Peer Learning Support Energy Transition in Cities and Regions?Elena Marie Ensenado and Jen Heemann 13. Lessons about Learning from Serious Games: the Learning Potential of Co-creation and Gameplay in Participatory Urban Planning Processes Cristina Ampatzidou 14. Urban Gaming: Learning about the Energy Transition at the Local Level with Go2ZeroGeertje Bekebrede 15. Urban Network Learning: ConclusionsLeon van den Dool and Linze Schaap
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