Stolen Motherhood

Stolen Motherhood

Aboriginal Mothers and Child Removal in the Stolen Generations Era

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Chapter 1: Motherhood, Truth-Telling and the Bringing Them Home Inquiry Chapter 2: Untold Suffering? Motherhood and Silence Chapter 3: 'To the Exclusion of the Rights of the Mother': The Impact of Aboriginal 'Protection' Legislation Chapter 4: 'Strange Anomalies': Limitations on Aboriginal Mothers' Access to Social Security Chapter 5: 'Forcible Removal Through Employment': The Impact of the Requirement to Work on Aboriginal Mothers Chapter 6: Monitored Motherhood: The Impact of State Surveillance and the Threat of Intervention in Aboriginal Families Chapter 7: 'Sitting in Judgement'? Views About Aboriginal Mothering Chapter 8: For Their Own Good? Diverse Perspectives on Aboriginal Child Removal Chapter 9: Beyond Silence: Aboriginal Mothers' Experiences of Children Removal in the Stolen Generations Era
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