Spanish Fascist Writing

Spanish Fascist Writing

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Acknowledgments Translators' Note General Introduction Justin Crumbaugh and Nil Santianez Spanish Fascist Writing: A Brief History A Bibliographic Essay This Anthology Section One: Manifestos and Political Programs On Italy's Essence: A Letter to a Comrade from the Young Spain Ernesto Gimenez Caballero Our Political Manifesto La Conquista del Estado Our Slogans - Armed Mobilization La Conquista del Estado Castile's Mission Onesimo Redondo Castile, Save Spain! Onesimo Redondo The Future of Our People: National Syndicalism Jose Maria de Areilza Founding Speech of Falange Espanola Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera Initial Points Falange Espanola The Programmatic Points of Falange Espanola de las JONS Falange Espanola de las JONS Unity of Destiny Anonymous The Social Revolution of National Syndicalism Jose Luis de Arrese On Spanish Catholicity Eugenio Montes Joint Manifesto of Spain on the Move La Espana en Marcha Section Two: Nation and Empire Genius of Spain Ernesto Gimenez Caballero In Defense of Hispanidad Ramiro de Maeztu The Spanish Empire Antonio Tovar Trajectory and Future Prospects of Our Territorial Expansion Jose Maria Cordero Torres A National Objective Manuel Fraga Iribarne Section Three: The New Man and the New Woman The Individual Is Dead Ramiro Ledesma Ramos Habit and Style Anonymous Guidelines Anonymous Femininity and the Falange Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera Eugenio, or, The Proclamation of Spring Rafael Garcia Serrano The Faith and Conduct of Women Pilar Primo de Rivera Women and the Education of Children Mercedes Sanz Bachiller Blue Shirt: A Portrait of a Falangist Felipe Ximenez de Sandoval Mission and Organization of the S.F. (Seccion Femenina) Falange Espanola Tradicionalista y de las JONS Section Four: Violence and War The African Campaign: A Welcome to the Soldiers of Garellano Rafael Sanchez Mazas The Legionary Creed Jose Millan-Astray Moroccan Notes of a Soldier Ernesto Gimenez Caballero Behind the Caesar's Eagle Luys Santa Marina Young Spaniards! A Call to Arms! Ramiro Ledesma Ramos The Monopoly of Violence Onesimo Redondo Justification of Violence Onesimo Redondo Violence and Justice Jose Antonio Primo de Rivera The Conquest of the State Anonymous Russia Notebooks Dionisio Ridruejo Section Five: Culture, Aesthetics, and Poetics Art and State Ernesto Gimenez Caballero Beautiful Architecture of the Ruins Agustin de Foxa Texts on a Politics of Art Rafael Sanchez Mazas General Proposal for City Planning in Madrid Pedro Bidagor Inauguration of the Valley of the Fallen Francisco Franco Index
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