Sociology Through Literature

Sociology Through Literature

A Study of Kaaroor's Stories

Pillai, S. Devadas

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Foreword by Shubha Mudgal and Aneesh Pradhan Preface 1. Introductory Notes on the 'Big Six' 2. Romantic Overtones 3 Erotic Pursuits 4. Marital Episodes 5. On Small Children and Teenagers 6. Families: Sinking, Troubled 7. 'Sir' Stories 8. Sirs: The Other Side 9. Dictates of Fate 10. Behavioural Patterns 11. Some Social Issues 12. Political Themes 13. Shades of Greed 14. Profiles of the Poor 15. Some Uncommon People 16. Social Dropouts 17. Spiritual Themes 18. Some More Episodes 19. Tuskers and Mahouts 20. Kaaroor's Zoo 21. Sociology Through Literature: Some Endnotes References Index
Big Six; commentary; common man; cultural studies; English literature; Indian Society; Kaaroor; Kaaroor Neelakanta Pillai; linguistics; literature; Malayalam; New Wave Malayalam literature; South Asian literature; short stories; sociology; stories; translations