Socio-Political Dynamics within the Crisis of the Left

Socio-Political Dynamics within the Crisis of the Left

Argentina and Brazil

Natalucci, Ana; Tatagiba, Luciana; Ferrero, Juan Pablo

Rowman & Littlefield






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Part I: Context and Comparison 1. Changing Socio-Political Dynamics within the Crisis of the Left Turn in Argentina and Brazil, Juan Pablo Ferrero, Ana Natalucci and Luciana Tatagiba 2. Crossroads of Brazilian Democracy. Dynamics of Social Mobilization During Left Turn Circle, Luciana Tatagiba 3. Social Mobilisation and Politics in Argentina: Peak and Crisis of the Left Turn, Ana Natalucci Part II: New Socio-Political Dynamics: Case Studies 4. Between Streets and the Facebook: Engaged Action in the Pro-Impeachment Campaign in Brazil (2014-2016), Debora Zanini & Luciana Tatagiba 5. Tracing the Left Turn Crisis through Argentine Protests: The Anti-Kirchnerist Cycle of Mobilisation (2012-2013), Tomas Gold 6. Labour Conflicts and Union Strategies in Dilma Roussef's Governments, Andreia Galvao 7. "Worlds of Work" During Last Kirchnerism The Cases of the CGT and the CTEP (2011-2015), Maria Belen Morris 8. "Occupy and Resist": The Autonomist Imaginary in the New Youth Activism in Brazil, Antonia Campos and Ana Claudia Teixeira 9. The Revitalisation of Youth Engagement in Argentina's Left Turn, Lucia Carnelli and Josefina Furfaro 10. Recent Changes in the Brazilian Feminist Movement: The Emergence of New Collective Actors, Jonas Medeiros and Fabiola Fanti 11. What About Women During the Left Turn? The Case of #NiUnaMenos in Argentina, Julieta Rey 12. Final Remarks: Disputing Democracy Again, Juan Pablo Ferrero and Ana Natalucci
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