Social Security Outside the Realm of the Employment Contract

Social Security Outside the Realm of the Employment Contract

Informal Work and Employee-like Workers

Olivier, Marius; Westerveld, Mies

Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd






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Contents: Preface M. Olivier and M. Westerveld Part I General reflections 1. Social Security Protection for Informal Economy Workers: Developing World Perspectives Marius Olivier 2. Flexicurity outside the Employment Relationship? Re-engineering Social Security for the New Economy Michael Wynn and Amir Paz-Fuchs 3. Gender and Race in the Informal Economy: the South African Framework Elmarie Fourie 4. The Self-employed and the Welfare State in the EU: Insights from Gender and Race Equality Law Alysia Blackham and Catherine Barnard Part II Thematic Reflections 5. Labour Relations and Labour Law in Shared Economy Jing Li and Li Jianfei 6. Social protection and vulnerable work in South Africa Avinash Govindjee Part III Regional Approaches 7. Informal and Self-Employment Workers in Latin America: From an Excluded Category to an Example of Innovative Inclusive Measures Pablo Arellano Ortiz 8. Structure and Social Protection of the Self-employed Society: An Eastern-European Perspective based on Hungarian Experience Tamas Gyulavari 9. Informality and Social Insurance in East Africa: an Assessment of the Law and Practice Juliana Masabo Part IV Country Cases 10. Social Protection for Workers outside the Traditional Employment Contract - a Swedish Example Annamaria Johansson Westregard 11. The Netherlands: Solo Self-Employment and Labour on Demand Mies Westerveld 12. From a Social Protection Regime to an Income Security Agenda: Canada at the Crossroads Lucie Lamarche EPILOGUE Mies Westerveld and Marius Olivier Index
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