Social Movements and Media

Social Movements and Media


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Introduction, The Past, Present, and Future of Media and Social Movements Studies: Introduction to the Special Issue on Media and Social Movements; Jennifer Earl and Deana Rohlinger. Part One: Media and Recruitment into Activism 1, Turning Fans into Heroes: How the Harry Potter Alliance Uses the Power of Story to Facilitate Fan Activism and Bloc Recruitment; Jackson Bird and Thomas V. Maher 2, Pathways to Contemporary Youth Protest: The Continuing Relevance of Family, Friends, and School for Youth Micromobilization; Thomas V. Maher and Jennifer Earl Part 2: Media, Participation, and Identity 3, Twitter as a Feminist Resource: #YesAllWomen, Digital Platforms, and Discursive Social Change; Bernadette Barker-Plummer and Dave Barker-Plummer 4, Speaking Up Online: Civic Identity and Expression in the Digital Age; Carrie James and Ashley Lee Part Three: Media and Movement Organizations 5, Breaking Through and Burning Out: The Contradictory Effects of Young Peoples' Participation in Institutionalized Movements; Hava Rachel Gordon 6, Inclusive and Exclusive Organizational Identity and Leadership Online: The Case of the Anti-GMO Movement; Deana Rohlinger and Shawn Gaulden 7, Media Use and Participant Inclusion: Influences on Efficacy in Paid Staff Youth Non-Profit Civic Organizations; Sarah Gaby
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