Social Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Social Innovation and Sustainable Entrepreneurship

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Contents: INTRODUCTION Part I Theoretical Approaches to Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research 1. Environmental Dystopia versus Sustainable Development Utopia: Roles of Businesses, Consumers, Institutions, and Technologies Duane Windsor 2. The Entrepreneurial Journey of Geely's Founder: From Institutional Voids to Opportunity Discovery Michael Zhang 3. Contradictory Stakeholder Expectations for Sustainability Reporting: A Social Contract Theory Approach Kristiina Joensuu, Marileena Makela and Tiina Onkila Part II Climate Change 4. The Political Economy of Climate Change and Sustainable Entrepreneurship Phillip Bruner, Richard Harrison and Dan van der Horst 5. Breaking Traditions. How Entrepreneurs create Communities to Address Climate Change Katharina Kaesehage and Michael Leyshon 6. Water Rights in California: Competition and Coopetition in a Dynamic Environment Richard Thomas Herko, H. Drew Fountaine and Lee Kats Part III Social Innovation Processes 7. Social Entrepreneurs and Field-Level Change: An Institutional Process Model of Social Entrepreneurship Yusi W. Turell and Andrew G. Earle 8. "Make love, not war?" A process-based approach to social innovation Renaud Defiebre-Muller, Federico Ignacio Viola, Pauline Fatien Diochon and Sebastian Duenas Ocampo 9. Social Innovation - Combining Profits and Progress Matthias A. Tietz, Sondos Gamaleldin Sobhy Abdelgawad and Martina Pasquini Part IV The Ethics of Social Innovation 10. Bioethical Reasoning and the Propensity of Millenials to Adopt Sustainable Development Behaviors Silvia Lopez-Palau and Beatriz Rivera-Cruz 11. Sustainable Consumption Practice: The effect of eco-friendly packaging on Buying Behavior Based on Generations Melissa Cortina-Mercado and Rafael Cortina-Cruz Bibliography Index
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