Social Development Models of Gang Involvement

Social Development Models of Gang Involvement

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Introduction Marvin D. Krohn and James C. Howell 1. Exploring intergenerational continuity in gang membership Megan Bears Augustyn, Jeffrey T. Ward and Marvin D. Krohn 2. Developmental pathways of youth gang membership: a structural test of the social development model Asia S. Bishop, Karl G. Hill, Amanda B. Gilman, James C. Howell, Richard F. Catalano and J. David Hawkins 3. Differentiating between delinquent groups and gangs: moving beyond offending consequences Dena C. Carson, Stephanie A. Wiley and Finn-Aage Esbensen 4. School transitions as a turning point for gang status Dena C. Carson, Chris Melde, Stephanie A. Wiley and Finn-Aage Esbensen 5. Leveraging the pushes and pulls of gang disengagement to improve gang intervention: findings from three multi-site studies and a review of relevant gang programs Caterina G. Roman, Scott H. Decker and David C. Pyrooz 6. Toward a multiracial feminist framework for understanding females' gang involvement Dana Peterson and Vanessa R. Panfil 7. The practical utility of a life-course gang theory for intervention James C. Howell, Margaret J. F. Braun and Paul Bellatty 8. The labor market and gang membership in adulthood: is the availability, quality, and nature of legal work associated with adult gang involvement? Adam M. Watkins
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Female gang involvement; Gang membership development; Social development model; Youth gangs