Social Capital and Enterprise in the Modern State

Social Capital and Enterprise in the Modern State

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Section 1. Concepts and Contexts.- Chapter 1. Enabling states, capitalising enterprise and confronting the social: Issues and implications in researching contemporary social capital and enterprise; Eidin Ni She, Lorelle J. Burton and Patrick Alan Danaher.- Chapter 2. The Ghost in the Machine: Enabling public administration for an enabling state; Chris McInerney.- Section 2. Case Studies.- Chapter 3. The residualisation of social housing in Australia and its impacts on older tenants; Alan Morris.- Chapter 4. Stewarding Change? A discussion about the METRO Care Model in Regional Australia; Matt Gregg, Eidin Ni She and Lorelle J. Burton.- Chapter 5. From Absorption to Inclusion: The Evolution of Irish State Policy on Travellers; Joan Hanafin, Marie Flynn, and Anne Boyle.- Chapter 6. Local governments and social enterprise: Meeting community challenges together?; ont-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;">Catherine Hastings and John Weate.- Chapter 7. No one wakes up wanting to be homeless: a case study in applied creative writing; Francesca Rendle-Short, Ronnie Scott, Stayci Taylor, Michelle Aung Thin and Melody Ellis.- Chapter 8. Shooting the filigreed breeze: Reconsidering older men's trust relations in digital social enterprise; Lisa McDonald.- Chapter 9. Gender differentiated social and human capital and the use of microcredit in Bangladeshi female entrepreneurship; Muntaha Rakib, Sayan Chakrabarty, and Stephen Winn.- Chapter 10. Social Enterprise and CALD Refugee Settlement Experience; Eric Kong, Sue Bishop and Eddy Iles.- Chapter 11. Becoming and being a social entrepreneur in regional Australia: What can be learned and shared; Luke Terry and Marian Lewis.- Chapter 12. The Thrive Program at Toowoomba Clubhouse: Building Social Connections and Reducing Stigma Experiences for People with a Lived Experience of Mental Illness; Sueanne M. Gola and Lorelle J. Burton.- Chapter 13. Men of Business 'Pay it Forward' Program: A Model for Building Social Capital in Disenfranchised Youth in High Schools; Lorelle J. Burton, Eidin Ni She and Sue Olliver.- Chapter 14. Clemente Toowoomba program: An alternative education model for creating pathways to higher education and employment for marginalised people in community; Rebecca Lane, Lorelle J. Burton and Gavin Beccaria.- Section 3. Afterword: Issues and Implications.- Chapter 15. Afterword.
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