Sleep, Death, and Rebirth

Sleep, Death, and Rebirth

Mystical Practices of Lurianic Kabbalah

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Introduction Part One: Sleep and Rebirth 1. The Metaphysics of Sleep 2. Anatomical Development of Nuqvah and Zeir 3. Sleep and Dismemberment 4. Sleep and Dreams 5. Soul Rupture and Cosmic Union 6. Kavvanot for Bedtime Shema 7. The Female Waters 8. Swapping Soul-Parts 9. Concluding Remarks Part Two: Death and Resurrection 10. The Metaphysics of Death 11. Death and Rebirth 12. Anatomical Embodiment 13. The Radical Unity of Body and Soul 14. Human Sacrifice and Integral Monism 15. Resurrection and the Nullification of Hierarchy 16. Lurianic Kabbalah and Eastern Mysticism Conclusion Appendix: The Complete Kavannah Required for Expedite Rebirth Selected Bibliography
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Kabbalah;Isaac Luria;Reincarnation;Sleep;Death;Jewish Mysticism;contemplative practice;prayer;metaphysics;dualism;Judaism;religion,philosophy;gilgul;lore;early modern history