Silk: Fibre, Fabric and Fashion

Silk: Fibre, Fabric and Fashion

Ellis Miller, Lesley; Allen-Johnstone, Claire; Cabrera Lafuente, Ana

Thames & Hudson Ltd






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Introduction 1. Plain and Simple: Plain weave; Satin; Chiffon; Crepe; Gauze; Stripes and checks; Shot silks. Case Histories 2. Warps and Wefts: Figured gauze; Damasks and satin compounds; Lampas and compound weaves; Brocading; Tapestry weave; Velvet; Carpets with knotted pile; Jacuard woven; Gold and silver threads 3. Twine and Twist, Net, Knot and Knit: Twinning; Twisting and Netting; Knotting; Lace; Knitting and Crochet 4. Paint, Resist and Print: Painting; Freehand paste resist; Resist-dyeing; Tie-dyeing; Resist-dyeing and Batik; Stencilling; Ikat; Block printing; Copper plate printing; Roller printing; Screen printing; Digital printing; Gold and Silver 5. Stitch, Slash, Stamp and Pleat: Embroidery and Applique; Stamping; Slashing; Punching and Burning; Watering; Pleating and Smocking
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