Shakespeare's Sublime Pathos

Shakespeare's Sublime Pathos

Person, Audience, Language

Sell, Jonathan P. A.

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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Introduction Aims and "ethos" Plan of the work Chapter 1. The Conundrum of Character, the Sublime Mistook Judith's face Ambiguity, realism, sublimity Ambiguity, freedom, sublimity Contemptus mundi Chapter 2. Hollow Men Liberal humanist character Protean persons The moral core Freedom of choice? Mutualistic character Myriad minds Chapter 3. Sympathetic Imagination Sympathy and imagination Psychology and phantasia Passionate playgoing Chapter 4. Language of Passion Cause and effect "Conceit deceitful" Thought in progress Botching words Entangled, obscure, baroque Chapter 5. The Mutualist's Dividend Going mad with Shakespeare Transcendence? "The sticking place" General Conclusions The Shakespearean sublime Shakespeare's originality Enter perfection? Letting in the daylight Epilogue Mechanical dreams Orsino's luck Index