: Shakespeare and Feminist Criticism (1991)

: Shakespeare and Feminist Criticism (1991)

An Annotated Bibliography and Commentary

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Introduction A. Contributions of Feminist Criticism to the Study of Shakespeare B. Was Shakespeare a Feminist or Wasn't He? C. Shakespeare and Renaissance Ideologies of Marriage and Women D. Combating Stereotypes E. "In Defense of Cressida..." F. Dissolving Gender Boundaries G. Gender and Theatrical Boundaries H. Shakespeare's Androgynous Heroines and the Politics of Gender I. Genre and Gender J. The Taming of the Shrew - Marital Battlefield or a Field of Games? K. Women's Friendships, Language and Mother-Daughter Relationships L. Scope and Organization of This Book M. Acknowledgments Abbreviations Annotated Bibliography of Scholarship Author Index Play/Poem Index Subject Index
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