Shakespeare and Civil Unrest in Britain and the United States

Shakespeare and Civil Unrest in Britain and the United States


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Introduction Shakespeare, Civil Unrest, and the Negotiation of Cultural Value (Mark Bayer and Joseph Navitsky) PART I -SHAKESPEARE DURING THE CIVIL WARS Chapter 1 - Celebrity Skulls (Heidi Craig) Chapter 2 - "I thought my blood derived a Crown to us, / But now I find it derives only Treason": Remembering and Forgetting the civil war (Rachel Willie) Chapter 3 - Richard Grant White, The Civil War, and the Future of American Shakespeare Studies (Mark Bayer) Chapter 4 - The American Civil War and the 1864 Tercentenary of Shakespeare's Birth (Joseph Navitsky) Chapter 5 - Outlaw Shakespeare: Frank James and Post-Civil War Justice (Darlena Ciraulo) PART II - SHAKESPEARE AND DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE Chapter 6 - Shakespeare, Cultural Production, and Class Consciousness in Antebellum New York City: Re-examining the Astor Place Riot (Matthew Kendrick) Chapter 7 - "As bountiful as mines of India": Shakespeare as India and the First War of Indian Independence, 1857-1889 (Jess Hamlet) Chapter 8 - A Most Civil Discourse: Jacob Gordin's The Jewish King Lear and the Jewish-American Immigrant Community (John Milam) Chapter 9 - "The Artist Must Take Sides": Paul Robeson and Civil Unrest (Robert Sawyer) Chapter 10 - The $64,000 Question: What Can Frances DeBerry tell us about Shakespeare Scholarship in Civil Rights Era America? (Jeanette Nguyen Tran) Chapter 11 - The "cockle of rebellion": Coriolanus During the Vietnam Era (Mary Steible) EPILOGUE Chapter 12 - "Sea Changes": Civil Unrest in Shakespeare Studies and Beyond (Sharon O'Dair)
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