Seek First

Seek First

How the Kingdom of God Changes Everything







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Foreword Introduction: What Matters Most There are many important things in life, but what matters most?- The number one thing Jesus talked about was the kingdom of God and he tells his followers "seek first the kingdom." The introduction shows the priority of the kingdom but also show how it doesn't minimize the rest of life, it puts it all in perspective.- Part 1: Kingdom Perspective Chapter 1: A Master Narrative We all love stories, and not only because they are fascinating but because they bring meaning to our lives. That's why, amidst all the stories in life, we are in search of a master story; a grand narrative that makes sense of life and gives a framework for how to live. According to Jesus, the kingdom of God is the one true master narrative. - * Creation: the kingdom project * Fall: a rival kingdom * Redemption: the coming of the king * Consummation: the eternal kingdom Chapter 2: An Unmatchable King The central focus of the kingdom is the king himself: Jesus. Although this might sound obvious, the way many have talked about the kingdom in the church amounts to this: a kingdom without a king. - To understand the kingdom we must first look to the king. * The life of Jesus shows the character of the kingdom. * The death of Jesus shows the love of the kingdom. * The resurrection of Jesus shows the power of the kingdom Chapter 3: A Vision for All of Life The kingdom of God is a vision for God's reign over all of life. His rule may begin in the human heart, but it will extend to all of the earth. - This is a very different approach to Christianity than the usual "Jesus is Lord over my spiritual life" way of thinking. Jesus' royal claim over every square inch demands that we do away with our sacred/secular divide and see our whole lives as reflections of God's gracious reign. This chapter will whow this through examples of working, eating, resting, and playing. Part 2: Kingdom Purpose Chapter 4: Following the King Just after proclaiming the coming of the kingdom of God, Jesus said, "follow me." Being a disciple, then, means living in light of the kingdom of God and following Jesus the king. This chapter looks at growth and change in terms of following Christ the king. Chapter 5: Seeking Community The scope of the kingdom of God is all of creation, but the focus is on the church. The church is supposed to be a preview of the coming attraction of the kingdom of God. It is a sign, pointing to the greater reality of God's reign over all of life. This chapter gives practical ways of illustrating that involvement in the local church is at the heart of God advancing his kingdom. Chapter 6: Pursuing Justice This chapter shows what it means to pursue kingdom justice. How do we pursue common social issues such as race, poverty, mass incarceration, etc. It starts by knowing that God's throne is founded on righteousness and justice. Micah 6:8 - What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God. This chapter gives stories/examples of what this looks like. Part 3: Kingdom People Chapter 7: Sons and Daughters Who we are shapes how we live. While identity is one of the most important aspects of life, it is one of the most confusing in contemporary culture.- According to Scripture, our identity is not something that needs to be built but rather received. We are beloved image bearers of God. This chapter explains what the image of God means and gives some practical implications of the image of God. Chapter 8: Identity This chapter looks at several key concepts that form and shape our idenityt including: dignity, responsibility, what it means to be "dual Citizens." Christians are dual citizens, belonging both to the city of God and the city of man. Our allegiance to God's kingdom, however, takes priority over and shapes our responsibility to the city of man. The western world has become increasingly secular, and while many see this as an obstacle for the faith, i b
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