Secure IT Systems

Secure IT Systems

23rd Nordic Conference, NordSec 2018, Oslo, Norway, November 28-30, 2018, Proceedings

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Privacy.- Privacy-preserving Distributed Economic Dispatch Protocol for Smart Grid.- Tracking Information Flow via Delayed Output: Addressing Privacy in IoT and Emailing Apps.- MixMesh Zones - Changing Pseudonyms Using Device-to-Device Communication in Mix-Zones.- AppLance: A Lightweight Approach to Detect Privacy Leak for Packed Applications.- Cryptography.- Unifying Kleptographic Attacks.- Steady: A Simple End-to-End Secure Logging System.- Revisiting Deniability in Quantum Key Exchange via Covert Communication and Entanglement Distillation.- On Security Analysis of Generic Dynamic Authenticated Group Key Exchange.- A Blockchain-Assisted Hash-Based Signature Scheme.- The Fiat-Shamir Zoo: Relating the Security of Different Signature Variants.- Verifiable Light-Weight Monitoring for Certificate Transparency Logs.- Network and Cloud Security.- CLort: High Throughput and Low Energy Network Intrusion Detection on IoT Devices with Embedded GPUs.- Detection of covert channels in TCP retransmissions.- What you can change and what you can't: human experience in computer network defenses.- Attack simulation for a realistic evaluation and comparison of network security techniques.- Sarracenia: Enhancing the Performance and Stealthiness of SSH Honeypots using Virtual Machine Introspection.- Authorization Policies Specification and Consistency Management within Multi-Cloud Environments.- Cyber Security and Malware.- Cyber Hygiene: The Big Picture.- Estimating the Risk of Fraud against E-services.- PESTEL Analysis of Hacktivism Campaign Motivations.- Data Modelling for Predicting Exploits.- UpDroid : Updated Android Malware and Its Familial Classification.- Evaluation of Cyber Security Management of Critical Infrastructures: A Literature Review Guided by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.- Next Generation Ransomware.- Security for Software and Software Development.- Hardware-Assisted Program Execution Integrity: HAPEI.- Protecting Instruction Set Randomization from Code Reuse Attacks.- A Uniform Information-Flow-Security Benchmark Suite for Source Code and Bytecode.- When Harry met Tinder: Security analysis of dating apps on Android.- Threat Poker: Solving Security and Privacy Threats in Agile Software Development.
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