Science Librarianship at America's Liberal Arts Colleges

Science Librarianship at America's Liberal Arts Colleges

Working Librarians Tell Their Stories

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1. Introduction Tony Stankus 2. A Science Librarian in Vassar College's Main Library Esther L. Williams 3. Science at Hampshire College: Graduate Level Research in an Undergraduate Setting Helaine Selin 4. Library Support for Science Research & Education at Bucknell University: Pulling It All Together James A. Van Fleet 5. The End of an Era: The Closing of the Science Library at Augustana College Jeanne R. Davidson 6. Wesleyan University Science Library: Twenty Years Old and Still Going Strong Penny Russman 7. The Martin Library of the Sciences at Franklin & Marshall College: 10 Years, 3273 Meetings, and 5.3 Million Dollars Charles Myers 8. The Kettering Library and Other Science Collections at Oberlin College: Past and Present Alison Scott Ricker 9. The Making of a Science Service at Williams College Helena F. Warburg 10. The Matt Cole Memorial Library, Williams College Center for Environmental Studies Marcella Rauscher 11. Science Librarianship at the College of the Holy Cross: Experiences of the 1980's, the Outlook for the 1990's Tony Stankus and Carolyn V. Mills
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