Science Fiction Double Feature

Science Fiction Double Feature

The Science Fiction Film as Cult Text


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I. Introduction: Science Fiction Double Feature (J. P. Telotte) II. The Multiple Texts of the SF/Cult Film 1. From "Multiverse" to "Abramsverse": Blade Runner, Star Trek, Multiplicity, and the Authorizing of Cult/SF Worlds (Matt Hills) 2. The Coy Cult Text: The Man Who Wasn't There as Noir SF (Mark Bould) 3. "It's Alive": The Splattering of SF Films (Stacey Abbott) 4. Sean Connery Reconfigured: From Bond to Cult Science Fiction Figure (Gerald Duchovnay) 5.The Cult Film as Affective Technology: Anime and Oshii Mamoru's Innocence (Sharalyn Orbaugh) III. SF Media and the Audience 6. Whedon, Browncoats, and the Big Damn Narrative: The Unified Meta-Myth of Firefly and Serenity (Rhonda Wilcox) 7. Iron Sky's War Bonds: Cult SF Cinema and Crowdsourcing (Chuck Tryon) 8. Transnational Interactions: District 9, or Apaches in Johannesburg (Takayuki Tatsumi) 9. A Donut For Tom Paris: Identity and Belonging at European SF/Fantasy Conventions (Nicolle Lamerichs) IV. Occulting the Cult: The "Bad" SF Text 10. Robot Monster and the "Watchable . . . Terrible" Cult/SF Film (Telotte) 11. Science Fiction and the Cult of Ed Wood: Glen or Glenda?, Bride of the Monster, and Plan 9 from Outer Space (Rodney Hill) 12. Visual Pleasure, the Cult, and Paracinema (Sherryl Vint) 13. "Lack of Respect, Wrong Attitude, Failure to Obey Authority": Dark Star and A Boy and His Dog as New Wave Cult SF (Rob Latham) 14. Capitalism, Camp, and Cult SF: Space Truckers as Satire (M. Keith Booker) 15. Bubba Ho-tep and the Seriously Silly Cult Film (Jeffrey Weinstock)
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science fiction;cult film;genre cinema;fan studies